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The Basics of a Keto Diet: Three Great Superfoods to Improve Taste and Nutrition

The essence of a  keto diet  is that with a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat, the body goes into a certain metabolic state - ketosis. It will turn you into a fat burning machine.

The subtlety is that you have to drastically reduce your overall carbohydrate intake. This is extremely important - even with a slight excess of the carbohydrate norm, your body will end ketosis, without which a keto diet is impossible. Thus, despite its high effectiveness, the keto diet may seem too strict.

But this does not mean that keto-diet dishes should become less tasty! A keto diet can be pleasurable and nutritious with the right spices and superfoods (superfoods). 

1. Chia seeds

If you follow a keto diet,  chia seeds  can be among your best friends. They have a very low calorie content and are rich in nutrients. Chia seeds are almost free of carbohydrates, so this is an ideal ingredient for a keto diet. They can make your food taste brighter without adding calories and carbohydrates. In addition, they have a number of useful properties.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

How to add chia seeds to your diet

Chia seeds are a fairly versatile ingredient and can be added to snacks in different ways. Here are some quick ideas.

Crispy salad: just fry the chia seeds on low heat in a dry frying pan and season them with a pinch of  salt . Or, if you want to experiment, you can chop onions and tomatoes, then add a handful of toasted chia seeds and mix everything together, resulting in a light and tasty snack. Top with a little lemon juice and chopped herbs for taste.

Superfood Smoothies: Another way to consume chia seeds is to soak them in water overnight. The seeds will turn into a gel-like substance that can be mixed into an unusual smoothie along with lime juice and salt. If you like sweet smoothies, add strawberries and whipped cream.

Sauces and soups: soaked chia seeds can also be used to make thick sauces and soups. You can cook a simple  vegetable soup  and add soaked sia seeds to the desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper - and the whole bowl of healthy splendor is ready.

Energy Bars: Although most energy bars contain a lot of carbohydrates, there are some options available that are suitable for the keto diet. For example, some bars use nut paste suitable for the keto diet as a binder   . Bring a few chia bars with you for a bite to eat when hungry.

2. Coconut

Coconut is another great keto diet product. It is rich in nutrients and almost does not contain carbohydrates. It can be used in many different ways to prepare interesting dishes. From raw  coconut pulp  to coconut milk,  coconut oil,  and even  coconut flour  , they are all delicious. First-pressed coconut oil has a unique aroma, cow's milk can be replaced with coconut milk (respectively, coconut milk is perfect for vegans), and coconut flour is very similar in texture to ordinary, and at the same time has a very soft creamy taste. And all of them are extremely useful.

Coconut Benefits

How to add coconut to your diet

Coconut oil  will also help your body maintain ketosis. From coconut, you can cook many delicious snacks.

Crispy Coconut Slices: Chop the coconut and make slices of white coconut pulp. You can add a pinch of sugar substitute to get a great snack. Or you can lightly fry them in butter - the aroma will be divine.

Coconut Fat Bomb: Coconut Fat Bombs have a unique creamy taste, and in their right mind it is simply impossible to refuse. Here are some recipes for  fat keto bombs .

Apple toasts: Slice the apple into slices and generously coat them with coconut oil. Bake them until light golden light - the perfect healthy snack is ready.

Muffins and pies: you can make delicious coconut flour muffins  , add coconut cream on top and treat yourself to a healthy dessert.

Bread:  coco owl flour is  suitable for baking a small loaf of bread in case you are pulled by carbohydrates. It turns out hearty and delicious bread.

Ice cream: Coconut milk can be used to make ice cream. Isn't it great to eat ice cream on a diet?

Broth: Coconut flour can be used as a thickener for soup. A delicious coconut flour broth will be a great snack that will not add a centimeter to your waist. Coconut milk is a great base for a healthy soup. Add chopped garlic and vegetables and get a bowl of wonderful soup.

Cookies: if you want cookies, you can bake it from coconut flour without violating the keto diet. Eat them with a glass of unsweetened almond milk - a divine taste and no guilt.

Coconut Meatballs:  Rub the flesh of the coconut into very thin strips . Then fry them with two tablespoons of butter until the mixture becomes sticky. Remove them from the heat and sprinkle with a sugar substitute to sweeten the mixture. Roll the mixture into small balls. A few can be eaten right away, and the rest can be postponed for later.

3. Quality dried beef

Everyone sometimes wants to treat themselves to beef. Dried  beef is often criticized for possible health damage. But you need to understand that this greatly depends on the quality of the meat.

When buying beef jerky, carefully check the label. It should be organic beef from cows on grass, without nitrates and monosodium glutamate, low in sugar. If you choose high-quality beef jerky, then you have nothing to worry about.

The benefits of beef jerky

Is jerky beef healthy? Yes!

How to add jerky beef to your diet

If you really want something tasty to eat, then high-quality beef jerky will be a great solution. In addition, it is very versatile - beef jerky can be used in different dishes. Here are some ideas.

Omelet: add pieces of jerky beef and grated cheese to a regular omelet. Result: a delicious dish that fully complies with the principles of a keto diet.

"Charged" vegetables: add a few slices of quality dried beef in a bowl of broccoli and Brussels sprouts for a couple. Voila! A boring dish turns into a delicious snack.

Broth: a thick vegetable  broth  is  not the most popular dish. But with the addition of grated jerky beef, it instantly transforms.

Stay healthy and enjoy meals and snacks without breaking the keto diet. Do not back down, and soon better health and slim figure will be your reward.