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Useful properties of beetroot powder + recipes for dishes with beetroot powder

Many people are beginning to realize that beetroot powder has unexpected health benefits. This versatile product is used as a sweetener, natural food coloring, food supplement, cosmetic ingredient, etc.

The powder is made from beets - a dark red vegetable with a sweet and slightly earthy taste. To make the powder, the beets are cut and then dehydrated. After removing all moisture, the dried beets are crushed to a state of powder, which has a light airy texture. The color of the powder can vary from dark pink to reddish brown, depending on the type of beet used. Beetroot powder can be made at home, but it takes too much time.

Beetroot powder usually needs to be stored in a dry, airtight container, and the appearance of moisture can undesirably affect its properties. The product should be stored in a place protected from direct sunlight and heat. Some people believe that beets retain their properties better if kept in a refrigerator or freezer.

For a long time, beetroot powder was mainly used as a colorant or sweetener . It provides products with some natural sweetness and is widely used in recipes for healthy meals without added sugar. The powder can also be used to dye tissue or food, which eliminates the need for harmful artificial red dye. Some people also mix it with base oil when creating blush or lipsticks that do not contain artificial ingredients.

Despite the fact that beetroot powder continues to be used for the above purposes, more and more people use it as a dietary supplement. Just one teaspoon of beetroot powder is equivalent to a whole beetroot and contains many healthy nutrients.

Beets are especially useful for maintaining heart health because they contain a lot of nitrates. According to a 2008 study published in the medical journal Hypertension, taking beets can help significantly lower blood pressure . Since high blood pressure is associated with stroke, dementia, and cardiovascular disease, the ability of beets to lower blood pressure can lead to positive changes in life.

The ability to lower blood pressure is not the only positive effect that beet powder has on the health of the cardiovascular system. The nitrates in beets also help red blood cells transport oxygen more efficiently in the body. Due to this, endurance increases when performing physical exercises and the level of oxygen in the brain increases. In general, improved oxygenation leads to improved physical and mental performance. So, according to the results of one study, athletes (running and cycling) who took beets before training showed a 2.8% better result.

Another useful nutrient in beetroot powder is alpha lipoic acid , a powerful antioxidant . In general, antioxidants help reduce inflammation, minimize oxidative damage, and reduce the risk of cancer. Medical studies have shown that alpha lipoic acid is particularly successful in controlling the symptoms of diabetes. This antioxidant helps the body increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin, reducing the harmful effects of sugar. People with diabetes who regularly consume beet alpha-lipoic acid are less likely to develop nerve damage and have a feeling of numbness in their limbs, which can be caused by severe diabetes.

In addition to diabetes and heart disease, beetroot powder can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Although many people believe that this problem is associated with a decrease in male strength, in fact it is just a problem associated with the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. Since beetroot powder effectively improves blood circulation, it can also be useful in treating a number of problems associated with erectile dysfunction.

Beet supplements are often used in detoxification, especially in people who need liver detoxification. Due to the content of folic acid , nitrate and iron salts in beets , it helps to remove toxins from the liver. All of these beneficial nutrients work together to liquefy bile and allow it to flow more efficiently through the liver, and also help improve blood circulation in the liver. Many people believe that such detoxification enhances energy and mood.

There are many ways to add beetroot powder to your diet and enjoy all the benefits of this healthy product. Some people every day, simply take the capsules , because it is convenient and fast. However , beetroot powder is also easy to add to all kinds of sweet and spicy dishes, both to sweeten them and to improve the taste. 

These recipes will show you all the benefits of beetroot powder .