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The cost of my order is more than 60 US dollars, but the discount does not apply, why?

Please ensure that the total amount of the order does not include exclusion brands. For brands from this list, the discount on the code does not apply. These brands do not apply discounts and promotional codes, including those that apply to all products on the site. In addition, products of excluded brands do not accrue bonuses, cashback or other bonuses.

I can’t indicate the point of delivery at the delivery of Nova Posta. What to do?.

Please make sure that you use the Ukrainian language to search for the required pick-up point. For example, "Kyiv" instead of "Kiev."

Payment of my order did not pass. How to update payment for an order ?.

You can update the payment for your order in your account in the "Order Information" section. Please make sure that there are enough funds on the card, and also that you have entered all the card values ​​correctly: owner’s name, 16-digit number, expiration date and CVV code on the back of the card.